Ankur Gedam

Bio: When i was a kid I used to pick the biggest baddest book the library had to offer. The bigger the better. I had read everything my brain could comprehend but I wanted more, I was insatiable. I was the story eater gluttony, personified. I wanted to venture into the worlds no man from my entire village had dared enter. It didn't work out. I had to fight a war that wasn't of my choosing. The boards exams. And then the entrance exams. And The peer pressure, Sharmaji ka beta, Engineering college, not to forget the failures I achieved while trying to do my own thing. Well that didn't end well either. So I looked back and searched for that one thing that I loved and that I was still probably good at. In the heap of failures it was difficult to find that thing. I tried, but i couldn't find it. Down and dejected I wandered for days as far as to the the light of the dark room I lived in, the edge. I jumped. And you might not believe it, but i started falling upwards. Some even call it flying, and there they were the people i was looking for. They had always been there, in the form of bloody good stories. yo know the stuff of life? Well they were old now and dying it had been a long time since I last saw them but you get my point. Which is when I wondered might I be able to create a few good stories myself? "Oh, so now you think you are a writer?" This complete stranger mean face lady appeared out of nowhere and asked me. I tell you I had never seen her in my life. . Things people do to succeed. So What did I say to her? I simply redirected her here and said, "You tell me!" I think she got lost among my stories, because she loved them so much or because she had poor eyesight I cant say :). If you have any questions, suggestions, reviews or if you simply want to get in touch with me you can do so on this magical mail system on the internet. its really fast. Take that flash! ankurgedam2901@gmail.com

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