The Most Dangerous Thing in the World

“The world will not go to shit, the machines will not take over the world wiping out the humanity, and there will be no apocalypse. Every time someone predicts ‘the end’ we come out on top even better than the last time. Its how its always gonna be, each time we venture into uncharted territory, traditionalists are going to yell at the top of their lungs about the dangers it poses to the humankind and meanwhile we, the fighters, the inventors, the pioneers are going to successfully colonize mars and propel humankind towards a far, far superior future.” She yelled.

A roar of applause.

“Artificial Intelligence is one such giant step in technological advancement. Yes they have a valid reason to fear the Sentries, so did the scientists who invented the atom bombs. Imagine only one side with those bombs. What would happen? The tyrants and the powerful would rule the world. Yes its a double edged sword but we must wield it. Because if we wont, sooner or later someone else will and then, my friends you and I will be defenseless. And its not only about wars, think about how safer, simpler and better our lives will become. Splitting atom also gave us a solution for the impending energy crisis. Colonizing mars solved the problem of population and hunger. Gravitorial Automobiles made the travel around the world faster, safer and more economical and the twenty percent Artificially sentient and intelligent replicas will take care of the terrorism once and for all. When Americans will work in their skyscrapers they will wonder no more if an aeroplane might crash on their floor. Do you not want that?”

Crowd cheers.

“When Indians will travel in the overcrowded train cars they will know that this train is not going to blow up in their faces before reaching the destination. Do you not want that?”

More yelling.

“Do you not want to see a marathon finish before the bombs beneath the stands blow everyone up, a game of cricket not interrupted “due to terrorists having fun”. Lets teach these fuckers a lesson, are you with me?

“YEAHHHH” Crowd boomed in agreement.

“Lets show them what we can do when we fire guns for fun, lets show them..

“Why do you keep listening to that kid?” My mother asked.

“It gives me hope.” I said, not really believing it this time.

….lets show them, we are…”

She scoffed. “Hope! now that is more dangerous than the volcanoes chasing us.”

A loud explosion in the distance, a flash of light.

I switched off the tape.

“Hop on. We need to leave, we just might cross the river in time.” My mother said.

I jumped down from the tree. The tree had shrunk down, its leaves withered, lifeless.

“Don’t feel bad about it, It was going to die anyway. Trust me its happy that it could at least help you.” Mother consoled me.

I glanced back, towards the army of red dots marching towards us. I had hoped they would leave us alone. I looked around only to see, death and destruction. “What happened mom?” I asked, dejected.

She gave me her hand. A lightening flashed in the sky, illuminating the steel fingers beneath the skin. Her face half burned half about to be gone. One of her eyes had been scarred and burned, it glowed red, the other one was faint, masked by the human skin. I took her hand. It was icy cold to the touch. She hoisted me up on her back. I settled myself in the straps. She tightened them, holding me tight.

“The world went to shit. That’s what.” mom said.

© Ankur Gedam


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