The governments have fallen. Terrorists have won. The world is ruled by the anarchy. Gold and mercury have become invaluable. Together they create a miracle metal that can prolong the life of a human, at the cost of the humanity. Being a slave is the only option for most to survive. In a world like this there is no place for emotions, but there is a place for weakness, for only the strong will survive.


The Perfect Daughter

Chapter 1 The celebrations began. The servers stormed in through the doors with plates in their hands full of magnificent foods and people clamored to get their hands on it, which was understandable. Listening to aunt Magadha, even for a few minutes made me hungry and these people had listened to her for hours? I … Continue reading The Perfect Daughter

Road Kill- 1

Emily was returning home following a much needed respite at her brothers'. Light rain against the windows, some music, her family alongside her. Everything was going just fine, until it didn't. suddenly it was dark, light rain turned into a storm, the wind howled, clouds rumbled and a lightening struck revealing an old man with a grudge sharper than his ax.