The governments have fallen. Terrorists have won. The world is ruled by the anarchy. Gold and mercury have become invaluable. Together they create a miracle metal that can prolong the life of a human, at the cost of the humanity. Being a slave is the only option for most to survive. In a world like this there is no place for emotions, but there is a place for weakness, for only the strong will survive.


The Best Day of My Life – 3. Meet Disha.

“I can’t find the back exit, I have been going round and round.” I complain. “How is that possible? One of the two ends has to be the back exit.” Disha says in between giggles. “Don’t state the obvious, how do I get out of here?” I ask. “Where are you? Tell me what you … Continue reading The Best Day of My Life – 3. Meet Disha.